About us

Our father, René Willems, built Citroën delivery vans and Sulkys. If you look for this in the dictionary, it comes up with trotting cart, because Sulky does not always ring a bell. In short, competition carts pulled by horses. These carts have to be up to the job.

But then one day someone asked him: Could you build me a remorque like that? That comes from the French. We call that a trailer. Anyway, before you could say ‘remorque’ or Sulky, RW Aanhangwagens came into being.

And that was where Bjorn and Nathalie spent their childhood running around. Then as brother and sister in their parents’ firm, before going on to manage the business themselves. Because Bjorn performed just about every role that existed at RW Aanhangwagens until he took over and further expanded the business as BW Trailers.

That is where we stand today some 30 years later: our feet firmly planted in the past, but with our sights set purposefully on the future.

Our dad, René Willems at school (center right)

Mission and vision

With that history behind us, we are hard at work each and every day making sure our customers get the best possible quality. Because quality is of paramount importance to us, we make our trailers more robust than necessary. Line up 10 trailers and the ones from BW will easily stand out.

But this has no impact on our production process. We are committed to producing and fitting out your trailer as quickly as possible without neglecting any specific requirements. Working with you, we will be happy to figure out the best solution.

Because BW Trailers produces to order. We offer a wide range of trailers but look for solutions with you if you have differing requirements. Unless they would not comply with legal requirements, of course.

A BW for everyone

No matter how over-the-top it is, we will make every effort to produce the trailer you want within the bounds of what is possible. That is how committed we are to providing custom requirements on request. In addition, we have a wide range of different models. From the classic, unbraked trailer up to 750 kg in various models and dimensions, up to a 3500 kg triple-axle trailer. For hobbyists and professionals. From construction companies and gardening centre services to landscapers or installation companies. A trailer for everyone.

But where can you go to buy our trailers? We operate in a number of markets and sell remorques, trailers or caravans in BeNeLux and France, and as far afield as Switzerland and Romania. All of our products come with a certificate of conformity that is valid throughout the European Union. You can find them at various dealers spread across these countries.

From Sulkys to BW Trailers

Or how once upon a time a ‘remorque’ was custom ordered. In the journey from father to son, we have never lost our flexibility. And here we are today, having developed into the market leader, distributing this demand among several distributors and meanwhile never losing sight of BW quality.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us,
we are BW Trailers.

What we care about

With over 30 years of experience and an eye on the future, we offer made-to-measure quality.

BW Trailers
through the years

From Sulky’s to trailers, from an early age, from Lier to market leader: the story of BW Trailers


The launch of RW Trailers

The first trailer on the request of one person.
The launch of RW Trailers


From trailers to BW Trailers

Bjorn and Nathalie take over the business from their father.

From trailers to BW Trailers


Research on best materials

We highly value quality and work with the best manufacturers for our materials.

Research on best materials


BW Trailers expands

BW is moving from Lier to Duffel, expanding its retail and production space and range.

BW Trailers expands


BW Trailers in full growth

BW Trailers has been offering quality for more than 30 years. Grown from a rich history, there is a strong forward look.

BW Trailers in full growth

Our dealers

BW Trailers distributes in the BeNeLux, Germany & France.

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